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Mupen64Plus v2 is a Nintendo 64 emulator ported on Pandora by PtitSeb. Other versions exist (Android, Windows, Mac, Linux...).

Current version is from Dec 19th 2013.

Adding to the Compatibility List

Choose a playability color that reflects a game's best playability state. Also include the clockspeed at which you ran it, for whichever Pandora version you tested. Please also indicate in the name of the Game whether the version is US/EU/JP, since compatibility may differ depending on regions. You may also add specific conditions you specified in the settings if they differ from the defaults. As for the SGX driver, please write "default" if you did not change your driver vs what was in the firmware.

Don't post a redundant entry unless you are using a different Pandora model and the playability differs from an existing entry. If a game's playability gets worse (new bugs, new crashes) in a new Mupen2.0 version, update the entry and add that to notes.

Playability Description
Fullspeed Games with a green background run at fullspeed and are fully playable from start to finish. If frameskip is required, add to notes.
Playable Games with a yellow background run slower than fullspeed, but are otherwise fully playable. Add problems/slowdowns to notes.
Incomplete Games with an orange background have playability issues and cannot be played from start to finish. This may include missing functionality (wifi) or game crashes. Add problems to notes.
Unplayable Games with a red background are unplayable. They either don't run at all, or don't get past the intro. Add any other oddities to notes.
N/A Games with a white background have not been fully tested. If you see one on this list, try it out and report back!

If you are inclined, post your forum username at the end of your notes so you can be contacted by PtitSeb about further debugging your problems.

The Compatibility List

You can sort the columns by clicking the table header (javascript required).

Game Name and Region Mupen Version Used Plugin Pandora Model[1] SGX driver SZ version Frequency Notes on Settings Status
1080 Snowboarding (US) RICE GLES2 1Ghz 4.03.02 1.60 1200 MHz RICE2 causes some graphical glitches, but runs pretty smooth. Minor stuttering. GLIDE looks much better, but suffers from more noticeable stuttering. rError Yellow
Banjo-Kazooie (US) RICE GLES2 1GHz 4.03.02 1.60 1200 MHz Runs at 100% speed almost all the time. Minor sound skipping. Minor graphical glitches (puzzle-piece transitions). - rError Green
Banjo-Tooie (US) RICE GLES2 1GHz 4.03.02 1.55 1200 MHz Runs 70% - 100% speed. Sound skipping. Minor graphical glitches. Eventually crashes/freezes.- rError Orange
Banjo-Tooie (US) RICE GLES2 1GHz 4.03.02 1.60 1200 MHz Crashes 50% of the time on startup. If it does start, crashes after intro cut-scene (before menu). - rError Red
Conker's Bad Fur Day (US) GLES RICE2 1GHz 4.03.02 1.60 1200Mhz Runs very slow. Graphical glitches. - rError Orange
Diddy Kong Racing (US) RICE GLES1.1 1GHz 4.03.02 1.60 1000 MHz Runs at 100% once in race. Menu transitions and Adventure mode cause some slowdowns. Minor sound skipping. RICE1.1 missing skid marks. RICE2 has some missing 2D graphics (Rare logo, door numbers, others). RICE2 appears to run slightly smoother, but RICE1.1 gives better overall experience. - rError Green
Donkey Kong 64 (unknown) GLES2N64 1GHz 4.03.02 1.55 1000 MHz Minor geometry glitches, a stuttering camera and significant motion clipping failures make it hard to do anything in this game. Runs close to 100% speed with the GLES2N64 plugin - Levi (talk) Orange
Dr Mario (US?) Glide GLES2 Rebirth Default 1.54 995 MHz Used Z64 LLE RSP for RSP Plugin. Sound and speed both slower than fullspeed. Playable. Yellow
F-1 Pole Position 64 Rice GLES2 Rebirth Default 1.54 995 MHz Used Z64 LLE RSP for RSP Plugin. Sound and speed both slower than fullspeed. Playable. Barely. A Higher Clockspeed might help. Yellow
F-Zero X (EU) (US) Rice GLES2 1GHz 4.03.02 1.60 1000 MHz Needs updated SGX driver to display HUD correctly. Runs 100% once in race (slight slowdown on GO). Slowdowns are mostly in menu. Remove almost all slowdow with "SkipFrame=True". Overclocking to 1200Mhz with frameskip makes entire game 99% perfect. - Levi (talk), rError Green
Goldeneye (US) GLES2N64 1Ghz Default 1.60 1200 MHz Runs 50%-90% depending on the amount of action on screen. RICE2 looks better but runs much slower. Updated SGX driver 4.03.02 introduces graphical glitches (see-through walls) with RICE2, and a slight slowdown with GLES2N64. rError Yellow
Holy Magic Century (EU) (aka Quest64) Rice GLES2 CC default 1.55 800 MHz Speed and visual are fine Green
Mario Kart 64 (US) Rice GLES2 1Ghz 4.03.02 1.60 800 MHz Runs very well with some slowdowns - mostly in menu and at beginning of race. Overclocking to 1100Mhz and up makes speed almost flawless. Minor graphical glitches on score sheet at end of race. rError Green
Mario Tennis (EU) Arachnoid 1GHz 4.03.02 1.55 1.0GHz Glide: Slows to a stall then crashes; GLES2N64: Transparency issues, missing characters; Rice GLES 1.1/2: Freezes prior to match; Arachnoid: Slow with many glitches. Almost playable tho. - Levi (talk) Orange
Perfect Dark 1.1 (US) RICE GLES2 1Ghz Default 1.60 1200 MHz Menu has some graphical glitches. Institute is pretty smooth. Missions run 40%-90% speed depending on the amount of action on screen. More playable thank Goldeneye. Updated SGX driver 4.03.02 introduces slowdowns and heavy sound tearing/stutter. rError Yellow
StarCraft 64 (EU) Rice GLES2 1GHz 4.03.02 1.55 1000 MHz Runs well in-game. Many screen-clear glitches and slowdown in 2d menus - Levi (talk) Yellow
Super Mario 64 (EU) (US) Rice GLES1.1 1GHz 4.03.02 1.55 1000 MHz Runs well. Green
Super Smash Bros. (US) RICE GLES2 1Ghz 4.03.02 1.60 1200 MHz Very playable with "SkipFrame=True". Runs 70% speed and up depending how much action is on screen. Runs slightly faster/smoother with default video driver. rError Yellow
The Legend of Zelda - Majoras Mask (US) Rice GLES2 1GHz Default 1.55 1000 MHz Video runs slower and the sound stutters sometimes. Also some graphics are missing (hand of the clock on the bottom of the screen, Active heart in health bar). Yellow
The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time (US) GLES2N64 1GHz Default 1.55 1000 MHz Video runs a bit slower and light sound stutters. Also the menu is a bit glitchy. Yellow
Paper Mario (US) Arachnoid ReBirth Default 1.60 800 MHz VIDEO Rice Gles2: Looks nicest, but causes slowdowns, could be better on a 1GHz model or if overclocked more. Arachnoid: best overall IMO fullest speed most times, Looks good, stutters, like the rest, but slow item menu. AUDIO use Notaz's. RSP use default Fworg64 Yellow


1. Pandora model:

  • CC - OMAP3550 SoC@600Mhz stock, 256MiB RAM@166MHz
  • Rebirth - OMAP3530 SoC@600MHz stock, 512MiB RAM@166MHz
  • 1GHz - DM3730 SoC@1GHz stock, 512MiB RAM@200Mhz