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Download(s) repo
License REF MAME license
Developer(s) Zodttd (pandora port), Franxis (original gp2x port)
Status Beta
Compat:Emulator Compatibility - MAME4ALL

Pandora port of MAME4ALL. Latest version was released on Sept. 3 2010, ported not by Zodttd but by SteveM. [1] also see MAME


Runs at more than full speed.

"Everything I threw at mame4all ported to the Pandora @ 500MHz ran spot on! I haven't run into a game I needed to change from actual MAME timings (no underclocking)." -

Zodttd - Development Thread

Versions and Porting Tread

You can play with game compatible with MAME 0.37b12.

MAME Video

MAME Video

Latest version

2.5-beta7 updated 6.nov 2013

You need to use MAME 0.106 romset (some last romset can be played because no change between last MAME romset and this one). You can use Clrmamepro or MAMEDiff to correct you romset.

Default Controls

The Controls are the same has MAME default. to change controls you can press Tab on Pandora and go to input menu.

Arcade Player 1 Pandora
Left/Right/Up/Down Dpad
Button 1 Left on Right Nub
Button 2 Up on Right Nub
Insert coint 5
Start 1
Arcade Player 2 Pandora
Left D
Right G
Up R
Down F
Button 1 A
Button 2 S
Insert coint 6
Start 2
Pandora Emulator
F8 decrease frameskip
F9 increase frameskip
F11 Show FPS/frameskip used/CPU use
Tab Config screen