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People keep asking for the logo, so in the interest of helping out, I re-drew the drawing. Here's the logo in PDF & SVG (using RGB colors as people are making things for screen use). I didn't have a high resolution copy to work from, so I did my best in the time I had. I do not know what the font is, and craigix has stated he believes it to be drawn.

http://www.gadgetoid.com/pandora/PandoraTheFont.png <-- add in

Logo Colors

For those doing print or reproducing the logo, the CMYK colors are:

  • box logo: 100% cyan, 75% black
  • word logo: 100% cyan, 20% black

Logo Use

I suspect there are no logo use rules at present, and so I'll just make some general design suggestions. Don't change the spacing between the letters. When presented side-by-side, try not to change the spacing between the box and the word logo. In general, don't overlay the word logo over the box (unless perhaps the box logo is enormous) as the legibility of both would suffer. The logo is best presented in solid colors, and the letters in the word logo should be of the same color. When scaling the logo, preserve the aspect ratio of height to width. (These are merely suggestions of best use, but design is about pushing boundaries, and so some rules can be a bit flexible.)

I do not know the designer of the logo, and I imagine the logo copyright is owned by OpenPandora. Ask them, or check their web page for rights reserved.

I want to make cool fan art! Where can I get the logo?

A fan-made version of the logo is available for non-commercial use.

What font is "Pandora" written in?

No one knows. It is stated on the forums that it is believed to be drawn.

attempt to recreate

WhatTheFont doesn't recognise it, and is usually pretty accurate at font recognition.

There is a Fireworks PNG available with vector re-creations of the Pandora font letters. The author has attempted to guess the letters not present in the word "Pandora".

Doesn't that look a lot like the SGI logo?

The old box logo previously used by SiliconGraphics before their redesign does bear a resemblance. However, their old logo was always 3D, showing the back edges of the box, and the lines folded in a different manner than the ones used in the Pandora logo.