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libpnd - the Pandora Library

Design considerations

PXML.xml and .pnd files

Auto-discovery of applications

Integration with FreeDesktop .desktop systems

dotdesktop (.desktop) files


There are some rules for Icons in PXML.xml and pnd/directory bundles

- An Icon should be in the root of the directory or .pnd bundle

- An Icon must be specified in the PXML.xml if you expect it to work

- As the PXML.xml is parsed, the icon is sought; if the icon is specified, but not found, it is assumed to be a system default icon and the filename will be placed into the .desktop Icon= line verbatim (ex: Icon=foo.png), and the window manager presumably will know how to locate it. If the icon is specified, and is found, then it will be copied into the configured IconPath, and the full path to it will be used for the Icon= line in the .desktop file ex: Icon=/tmp/myicon.png). If no icon is specified in the PXML file, then no Icon= line will be entered into the .desktop and the WM will presumably apply a default icon based on category or whatever.