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This page is based off of this topic.

So you've just downloaded the emulator for your first real computer/console, only to realise that you threw out the tapes and cartridges 5 years ago. Having respect for the people who continue to write us free software, you now need a source of the openly available (free or paid for) software in a more up-to-date format (since the Pandora does not yet have a tape drive). Bear in mind that even the non-paid resources here may have restrictions on how you can use them (do not assume that because it is free, it is public domain).

Websites with multiple games

  • PDRoms - Offers homebrewed software for over 50 platforms, a number of which will be/are already emulatable on the Pandora.
  • Back to the Roots - Offers a large selection of Commodore Amiga* ADF games and HD games, from various companies who have licensed BttR to redistribute them.
  • Dream17 - Have been granted permission to distribute Team17's old Amiga titles in ADF and Software Preservation Society IPF formats, along with CD32 versions of a handful of games. Games such as Worms: The Director's Cut, Superfrog, and Alien Breed are to be found here, along with many more.
  • Factor 5 - Provide downloads of three of their old Amiga games (BC Kid, Katakis, and R-Type).
  • Cinemaware - Provide a big selection of their Amiga software for download, along with some extras such as desktop themes to go with them.
  • Gremlin Graphics World - Provides titles from Gremlin Graphics across several systems.
  • Infinite Frontiers - Provides a number of files for the C64, C16, Amiga, Atari ST, the 8-bit Atari computers, the BBC-B, ZX Spectrum, VIC-20, and some others. The collection includes titles from various sources, including Llamasoft, Scott Adams, and Anco, amongst others.
  • Lemon64 - Has been granted permission to provide a number of games to download - just take note of the names, and look for them via the site's game-search utility.
  • NES World - Has a page about homebrew software available for the NES.
  • Good Old Games - These are not free (usually less than $10 per game), but they have NO DRM and you can download your games as often as you like. Also, you get lots of bonuses like scanned manuals, soundtracks, artwork, etc.
  • - Host pretty much every single C64 game/program/demo out there. They have contacted numerous people to get distribution rights for the software.
  • World of Spectrum - The largest repository of legal Spectrum downloads, including all the old magazines other associated stuff.
  • Binary Zone - Hosts their old C64 PD disks for free.
  • Atari Archives - A large archive of information, classic books, and software for the Atari 8-bit computer family is available here.

*(Note that purchasing Amiga Forever is a prerequisite to emulating any Commodore Amiga software, as it contains legitimate Kickstart ROM images, and the like, which tend to be required for Amiga emulation.)

Specific games

  • D-Pad Hero - A Guitar Hero-esque homebrew game for the NES.
  • SkyRoads - Is available directly from its developer. It runs at full-speed with DOSBox's cycles set to around 1500 cycles or higher, so it should run nicely on the Pandora.
  • Protovision - Provides their excellent 1997 Commodore 64 platform game It's Magic as a free download.
  • Sango Fighter - A fighting game which is based in ancient China.
  • Super Fighter - A fighting game which focuses on a more contemporary battle to take down an evil drug baron.