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Relevant picture of IRC-chat.

What is IRC?

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat which basically hosts chatrooms. There's quite a lot of IRC servers around on the internet and each of these networks has channels that are as unique as the people in them.

Try the web client

Those who just want to try IRC out can use select a username, figure out the captcha and click connect. It will open up the chat in your browser of choice.

OR, connect with pidgin

There is quite a few IRC clients out there and they are each to their own. We suggest (GPLv2 or later) since it is multi protocol and platform, so works for all. Some people like each of their chat programs to only do one protocol, if you are one of those, read on.

OR, any of these IRC-specific clients:

HexChat - Linux|Gnu, Windows. GPLv2 licensed. Windows version is shareware.

Textual - Mac OS X New BSD license

Quassel - Windows GNU General Public License 2/3

Some will argue that one client is better than the other, but you should really choose one you feel most comfortable with.

Connect to the OpenPandora channel?

In your IRC Client (Provided you have read up on how to use it) the server should be Freenode ( and the channel you will join is #openpandora which can seem dead until someone speaks!

If you're using the web client, ensure you enter #openpandora as the channel and join with your forum nick (if its not taken by someone already.

OR, Connecting with SSL

SSL gives increased security

Port: 7070
Use SSL: [x]
chan: #openpandora

Enjoy using the channel and don't be sad if aTc hates on your programs! :P We are very friendly.