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Official Hackers Manual

Pandora Hackers Manual v1.01 by MWeston

Making an RS232 level converter for the Pandora

How is this done?


Here's a list of pinouts for the various connectors and boards.

Here's a pic of the board, some of the pinouts can be seen on it. [1] Board with many components labeled. [2]

Ext Connector

What does it have?

  • UART2
  • UART3
  • TV out
  • Stereo line out
  • Stereo line in
  • The UART lines can also be used as GPIO (six of them) and PWM lines (four of them).

What is the pinout?

Where can we get the connectors from?

  • The connector appears to be a Tyco Electronics connector, part number 1717169-2
  • The manufacturer does *not* stock these for engineering samples, and very few vendors carry them


Internal connections


  • LTPS (8-bit parallel input for R, G and B, with separate horizontal and vertical sync)
  • 3.3V?
  • TD043MTEA2 datasheet


  • UART2 and 3 are available via the EXT connector, and via internal solder pads on the latest revision
    • UART2 appears to support hardware flow control with RTS/CTS lines


  • 6 are available on the EXT connector
  • Are there any internal?




  • One at 1.8V from the OMAP (board label I2C3-1V8)
  • One at 2.8V (board label I2C3-2V8)


  • No internal USB ports

Keypad backlight

Maximum current draw?

Breakout Board

Developer's breakout board
Developer's breakout board

This is the breakout board used by Pandora team members during development. Only a small number were made, and they are not available to the public. However a similar product (or gerber files) may be released in the future. A schematic for this board is available here: http://openpandora.ca/schematic/AV_Board_schematic.pdf