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  • OMAP35x: Main page on TI site[1]
  • OMAP3530 specific page[2] This lists the features of the chip and has all the applicable Technical Documents
  • OMAP35XX technical manual: [3] (38MB PDF)


  • CPU and Instruction Set Reference Guide[4]
  • TMS320C6000 Assembly Language Tools v 6.0 Beta User's Guide[5]
  • TMS320C6000 Optimizing Compiler v 6.0 Beta User's Guide[6]
  • TMS320C6000 Programmer's Guide[7]


  • r1p1[8] Note: OMAP3530 uses r1p2
  • NEON instructions[9]
  • UPDATE: r2p2 Documentation [10] Note: OMAP3530 uses r1p2

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