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Pandora LEDs

Status LEDs

Meaning of the LEDs from left to right according to gfrancisdev.

Left LED group

  • SD card 1
  • SD card 2
  • Wifi
  • Bluetooth

Right LED group

  • Empty (with solder pad for hardware hackers who want to use an additional LED)
  • Empty (-"-)
  • Charging
  • Power

Controlling LEDs

Available through LED and brightness classes:


LED brightness can be controlled through those files. Power and charger LEDs have variable brightness control, others are on/off only.

Note: SD card LEDs use SD cart power supplies, so those must be enabled for those LEDs to work (they are enabled when cards are inserted).


Kept in /etc/default/leds (LEDs)

Note: driver allows lower brightness than you can set using keyboard controls, because some units start to flicker on lowest brightness. This can be changed in /usr/pandora/scripts/op_bright.sh .