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These lists were last updated on 2011-04-13 to include the latest files from Pandora Apps, the File Archive, the Repo, and the community forums. For other software lists on the wiki, see Software projects and Emulator list

If different versions of a game were released, please make sure the "release date" is the most recent one when editing this article.

Please click on the little squares to sort by different categories (such as Genre, Release date, etc.)

Released games

Name Release date
Author/Port Author Genre MP1 Type2 Download Notes
Abe's Amazing Adventure 2010-11-25 mcobit (port) Platformer Prt Archive Discussion
Abuse-SDL 2010-06-26 sebt3 (port) Shooter (Platform) Prt Download Discussion
AlephOne Trilogy 0.23.1 (Marathon 2, Marathon Infinity)* 2010-10-11 Pickle (port) FPS Egn Archive Repo Website Discussion
Alien Blaster 2010-06-27 Alienblaster Team, Pickle (port) Top down Shooter Prt Archive Repo
Amoebax 2010-10-10 Safareig Creatiu, Àlex Almarza, Jordi Fita, sebt3 (port) Puzzle Prt Download DiscussionWebsite
Angband 2010-06-17 Angband team, skeezix (port) RPG (Roguelike) Prt Archive
Angry Drunken Dwarves 2010-03-17 Joe Wreschnig, EvilDragon (port) Puzzle Prt Apps Archive
ASCIIpOrtal 2010-07-04 Joe Larson, CME (port) Puzzle Prt Archive
AudioRace 1.5 2011-03-06 crow_riot (port) Rhythm / Puzzle Download Discussion Has mp3 support.
B.A.L.L.Z. 2011-04-06 mcobit (port) Platformer Prt Repo Discussion: OP GP32X
Ballgame HD (beta) 2010-10-25 RomanH, Pixitu Puzzle PrtA Archive Discussion
Battle for Wesnoth v1.8.5-1 2010-09-26 Ivanovic (port) Strategy N+S PrtA Archive Download Discussion; stable series
Battle for Wesnoth v1.9.5-1 2011-03-31 Ivanovic (port) Strategy N+S PrtA Download Discussion; development series
BattleJewels 2010-03-29 Skeezix, codejedi Puzzle x Apps Archive
Beat2X 2010-06-26 PokeParadox (port) Rhythm Prt Apps Archive
Bejeweled (beta) 2010-10-24 sebt3 (port) Puzzle Prt Download Discussion
Biniax 2 2010-07-18 zx-81 (port) Puzzle Prt Archive Discussion
BlobWars v2 (beta) 2010-07-21 Sigma.NL Strategy Prt Download Discussion
Blocks of the Undead 2011-01-08 mcobit (port) Puzzle Prt Archive Discussion
BomberClone 2010-07-13 BomberClone Team Arcade Net Archive Bomberman clone
Bos Wars 2010-07-20 bompo (port) Strategy - real time Download Discussion
Boxbot4K 2010-07-10 rcarvall Puzzle Download Website Like Sokoban
Briquolo 2011-02-08 cbr, paeryn (port), sebt3 (port), Pickle (port) Arcade Prt Archive Discussion Website
Bubble Chains (beta) 2010-10-31 sebt3 (port) Arcade Prt Download Discussion
BubbMan 2 (beta) 2011-01-10 pymike, Tempel (port) Platformer Prt Download Archive Discussion Default set at 700Mhz, but may work well at lower speeds
The Bub's Brothers 2011-03-20 Armin Rigo, Nick Daly (port) Arcade Prt Archive Discussion
C-Dogs 2010-03-17 Lumaki, Pickle (port) Top down Shooter Prt Apps Archive
Ceferino 2010-06-23 Don Ceferino Hazaña Arcade Archive Pang remake
Chuckie Egg 2010-08-29 Paul Brook Platformer Archive Clone of the 8-bit game
Circus Linux 2010-07-20 daniel3000 (port) Arcade SS Prt Download Discussion Circus Atari clone
Classic Invaders 2011-01-20 Todd Steinackle, Gareth Francis (port) Arcade Prt Archive Space Invaders clone
Clonk2x (Clonk Planet) 2010-07-12 Pickle (port) Strategy N+C? Prt Archive Apps Website Discussion
Color Lines (beta) 2010-10-24 sebt3 (port) Puzzle Prt Download
Commander Keen*
aka. CGenius
2011-01-03 CGenius team, Pickle (port) Platformer x Egn Archive Discussion Engine for CK
CorsixTH* 2011-04-14 CorsixTH team, Wally (port) Simulation / Godgame Egn Archive Discussion: OP GP32X. An engine for Theme Hospital.
Crimson Fields (pandora 0.2.1, general 0.5.3) 2010-09-14 MarkoeZ (port) Strategy N+S Prt Archive Discussion
CromoZome 2010-08-13 PokeParadox Arcade PrtA Apps Archive Website
Cuyo 2011-04-07 mcobit (port) Puzzle Prt Repo Discussion: GP32X OP
D1X-Rebirth (Descent)* 2010-08-08 Pickle (port) FPS Egn Archive Website Get the original shareware files here.
D2X-Rebirth (Descent 2)* 2010-08-08 Pickle (port) FPS Egn Archive Website Get the original shareware files here.
Daimonin 0.10.1 (B5) 2010-08-15 joseluisjazz (port) MMORPG Net Apps Discussion
Deathtrap Remix 2010-06-21 Mindlord Arcade Apps Archive
Defendguin 0.0.12 2010-10-20 Yamara (port) Arcade Archive Discussion Defender clone
Defendguin (beta) 2010-09-07 darfgarf (port) Arcade Download Discussion Defender clone
Der Clou!** 2011-03-11 Jan Wiescher (port) Adventure Egn Archive In German. Download data files here.
Dink Smallwood (outdated) 2010-07-31 WizardStan (port) RPG Apps Discussion. No music.
Dink Smallwood 2011-02-11 Cobalt (port) RPG Download Discussion. This has proper controls and music.
Donkey Bolonkey 2011-01-17 mcobit (port) Arcade Prt Archive Discussion clone of Rat Poker
Doom Legacy* 2011-03-05 Pickle (port) FPS Net Egn Download Discussion
Doom (CDoom - chocolate/strawberry)* 2011-03-16 Pickle (port) FPS Egn Download Repo Discussion Runs doom, heretic, hexen, strife wads.
Doom (PrBoom)* 2011-03-05 Pickle (port) FPS Egn Download Discussion (old) Enhanced Doom engine Website Fully compatible with Freedoom, a free clone that comes as a .WAD file. Uses PickleLauncher
Doom (ZDoom)* 2011-03-05 Pickle (port) FPS Egn Download Discussion Very slow.
Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 2011-03-26 Alex777 (port) RPG Prt Archive Discussion Does not come as a PND.
Dungeon Master aka. Chaos Strikes Back** 2011-03-30 Fireball (port) FPS Egn Download Discussion. Data files included in download.
Eat the Whistle 2010-05-25 Pickle (port) Sports Prt Apps
eboard with GNUChess 2010-06-29 Chess N+S Archive Internet play allowed
eDuke32SDL (Duke Nukem 3D)* 2010-07-01 eduke32 team FPS Apps Get the original shareware files here
Einstein würfelt nicht 2011-03-09 Board N+S Archive
Elemental 0.2 2010-07-17 Chaosmage Sandbox Apps Discussion
Eliot 2011-03-26 kilowatt (port) Puzzle Prt Download Discussion Open source Scrabble
Enigma 1.01 2010-08-08 Whynodd Puzzle Archive Website
FHeroes Port (Heroes Of Might And Magic 2)* 2010-03-17 Pickle (port) Strategy Egn Apps Archive Discussion
FishFillets 2010-08-09 zx-81 (port) Puzzle Archive
Flare 0.12+svn294 2011-03-21 sebt3 (port) RPG Prt Download Discussion
FloboPuyo 2011-04-08 mcobit (port) Puzzle Prt Repo Discussion: OP GP32X
Formido 2011-01-22 sebt3 (port) Arcade Prt Download Discussion
Frag4K 2011-02-12 Alan Waddington, chrysipp (port) Action Prt Download Discussion (German) Requires Java.pnd. 3D Labyrinth levels.
FreeCiv 2.1.9 2010-05-31 Cpasjuste (port) Strategy Net Prt Archive Wiki
FreeCol 0.9.5 2011-03-22 mash (port) Strategy Prt Download Discussion. Website. Colonization clone. Needs Java.pnd
Freedroid 1.0.2 2011-04-05 farox (port) Arcade Prt Repo Discussion
Frogatto and Friends v4318-1 2011-03-05 Pickle (port) Platformer x Prt Archive Discussion
Frotz v2.43 (Z-Machine games)* 2010-05-27 SteveM (port) Text Adventure x Egn Download Archive Discussion Interpreter for Infocom and other Z-machine games free IF: [1] [2] [3]
Fy.WoD! 2.1 2010-11-25 Scntrblob Racing x Archive
Game & Watch Simulators 2010-07-27 Hitnrun Arcade x Egn Archive Not an emulator.
Game Editor (beta) 2011-02-06 WizardStan (port) Engine Egn Download Discussion. No sound, slow. Get game files here
Gargoyle 08-2009 (text adventure games)** 2010-08-23 gargoyle, skeezix Text Adventure x Egn Apps Supports Adrift, Alan, APT, Glulx, Hugo, Level 9, Magnetic Scroll, TADS and Z-Code format games free IF: [4] [5] [6]
GAV (GPL Arcade Volleyball) 2010-06-30 Sports Archive
GBoggle 2011-03-30 kilowatt (port) Puzzle Prt Download Discussion
GemRB (Infinity Engine) 0.6.3* 2011-01-23 JurnD (port) RPG Egn Archive Discussion: 1 2 Open-source implementation of Bioware's Infinity Engine, supports games including Baldurs Gate 2 and Planescape Torment
Giana's Return v1.0 2011-01-01 Gianas Team
Pickle (port)
Platformer x PrtA Download
Website Discussion
Gish (beta)** 2011-01-12 Pickle (port) Platformer Prt Download Discussion A bit slow
Globulation 2 (Glob 2) 2011-01-24 sebt3 (port) Strategy Prt Download Discussion
Gnome 3D Tetris 2011-04-07 mcobit (port) Puzzle Prt Repo Discussion: GP32X OP
Gnome Games 2010-10-11 sebt3 (packaging) Compilation Prt Archive Discussion
GNU Robbo 2011-01-22 mcobit (port) Puzzle Prt Archive Discussion
GNUGo (ccGO + CGoban) 2011-01-20 mcobit (port) Board Prt Archive Discussion Port of GNU Go with the frontends ccGO and CGoban
Gravity Force Remake 2011-02-05 David Douglas Action Archive Discussion
Greyout 2011-04-01 foxblock Platformer x Ori Repo Release post
Gwelled (beta) 2011-01-26 sebt3 (port) Puzzle Prt Download Discussion
Heretic* 2010-05-23 Pickle (port) FPS Egn Apps Archive
Hex-A-Hop 2011-01-27 mcobit (port) Puzzle Prt Archive Discussion.
Hexen* 2010-05-23 Pickle (port) FPS Egn Apps Archive
Hexen 2: Hammer of Thyrion* 2010-06-05 Pickle (port) FPS Egn Apps Archive
Infector 2011-01-06 mcobit (port) Puzzle Net Prt Archive Discussion
Ink Spill 2011-03-08 kilowatt (port) Puzzle x Prt Download Discussion flood it clone
Jag (beta) 2010-10-31 sebt3 (port) Arcade Prt Download Discussion
Jagged Alliance 2 (beta) v3 2011-03-28 quartercast Strategy/RPG Egn Download Discussion: GP32X OP
Jump n Blob 2011-01-10 2d Retroperspectives Platformer Archive
Kana 2011-02-12 Alan Waddington, chrysipp (port) Arcade Prt Download Discussion (German) Requires Java.pnd. Space Invaders clone.
Kde games (beta) 2010-07-28 sebt3 (port) Various SS? Prt Download Discussion
Ken's Labyrinth 2010-08-03 Pickle (port) FPS Egn? Apps Archive
KETM (Kill Everything That Moves) 2010-11-10 sebt3 (port) Top Down Shooter x Prt Download Discussion
King of Fighters (KOF): Flames of Courage 2011-01-29 mth411 (port) Fighting Prt Archive Discussion
Kobo Deluxe 2011-01-06 David Olofson, mcobit (port) Arcade Prt Archive Discussion: GP32X OP Music doesn't work yet
Kronos (Interpreter)** 2010-05-21 Skeezix (port) Text Adventure x Egn Apps Archive
Lbreakout2 2010-06-23 Michael Speck Arcade Net Archive Website
LemmingsSDL (beta) 2010-11-20 Miner49er Puzzle Net? Ori Download Discussion
LettersFall 2011-01-31 16Bitsoft, Pickle (port) Arcade Prt Archive Discussion spell words as fast you can
L'hôpital Pital 2010-11-23 mcobit (port) Strategy - tower defense Prt Archive Discussion
Little Big Adventure 1&2 (Prequ Engine) (beta) 2011-01-31 Dimacus (port) Action-adventure Egn Archive Discussion. Works better than Twin-E version. Needs Timidity MIDI Installer
Little Big Adventure 1&2 (TwinEngine/Twin-E) 2011-01-27 Dimacus (port) Action-adventure Egn Archive Discussion. Needs Timidity MIDI Installer
LMarbles 2010-07-18 MarkoeZ (port), daniel3000 (2nd port) Puzzle x Prt MarkoeZ daniel3000 Website, Discussion (this game was ported twice)
The Lonely Tower v2.2 2010-11-19
Tempel ? PrtA Download Discussion. The first Pandora game.
Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring* 2011-01-31 Michal Benes, EvilDragon (port) RPG Egn Archive Engine for the game by Interplay. Put the DOS game files in /pandora/appdata/lotr/
LPairs 2010-07-18 daniel3000 (port) Puzzle Prt Download Discussion Memory game
LTris 2010-07-18 daniel3000 (port) Arcade Prt Download Discussion Tetris clone
The Mana World 2010-09-06 Cpasjuste (port) MMORPG Net Prt Download Discussion
MAXR (M.A.X Reloaded) 2010-08-31 Stuckie (port) Turn Based Strategy Net Prt Download Discussion Multiplayer doesn't work yet
Maze of Galious 2011-02-11 Dimacus (port) Platformer Prt Download Archive Discussion: 1 2
Meritous 2010-12-07
EvilDragon (2nd port)
TJ Hooka (port)
Dungeon Crawler Prt ED's port Hooka's port Discussion ED's port doesn't crash (hopefully)
Mirror Magic 2010-08-14 Holger Schemel Puzzle Prt Archive Website
Mole Invasion 2011-04-10 sebt3 (port) Arcade Prt Repo Discussion
Monkey Bubble v0.4.0 2010-12-03 Laurent Belmonte
mcobit (port)
Puzzle Prt Archive Discussion Like "Bubble Bobble"
N-Speed 2011-01-28 Sami Kyöstilä, Tommi Inkil, Joonas Kerttula, mcobit (port) Racing Prt Archive Discussion
Narcissu 2010-05-11 Insani, EvilDragon (port) Visual Novel x Prt Archive
Numpty Physics 2010-06-15 Tim Edmonds, Thomas Perl, Manolis (port) Drawing Prt Archive
openBOR 2010-06-26 Senile Team, Pickle (port) Beat 'em up Egn Archive Get the original data files here (you must register). Mods are available as well.
OpenGlad 2010-05-09 Snowstorm Entertainment, Pickle (port) Strategy Prt Apps Archive
OpenRedAlert (Command and Conquer: Red Alert)** (beta) 2011-01-26 mcobit (port) RTS Egn Download Discussion. Developer would like help. Get the data files here.
OpenJazz* (Jazz Jackrabbit) svn136 2011-03-05 Alister, Pickle (port) Platformer Egn Archive Apps Discussion
OpenLieroX 2010-07-09 Pickle (port) Shooter (Worms-like) Net Prt Archive Apps Website Discussion Discussion (2)
openPirates 2010-07-03 Pickle (Scott Smith) Strategy PrtA Archive Discussion
OpenTTD (Transport Tycoon) 2010-06-25 OpenTTD team, MistaGiggles (port) Simulation Archive Discussion
OpenTTD 1.0.5 (Transport Tycoon) 2011-01-24 OpenTTD team, (port) Simulation Archive
OpenTyrian v1.1 2010-07-14 zx-81 (port) Top down Shooter Prt Download Archive Announcement
PacDudeHero 2 2011-01-31 16Bitsoft, Pickle (port) Arcade Prt Archive Discussion Pacman clone
Paintown 2011-01-24 Jon Rafkind, sebt3 (port) Fighting Prt Download Discussion
Pandora Panic 2010-06-11 PokeParadox / GP32X Community Arcade x Ori Apps Archive
Pandora Pool Panic 2010-07-27 Unfathomable Depths Sports Ori Download (zip) Discussion
Pandora X-pilot NG 4.7.3 2010-08-18 zx-81 (port) Arcade Net Prt Apps Archive Website
Pandora-Acm 2010-08-10 zx-81 (port) Simulator Net? Prt Archive Flight simulator
Pandora-Blockrage 2010-07-18 zx-81 (port) Puzzle x Prt Download Archive Website Discussion
Pandora-Exult (Ultima VII)* 2010-08-12 zx-81 (port) RPG Egn Apps Archive Replacement Ultima 7 engine
Pandora-Lopan 2010-07-13 zx-81 (port) Puzzle x Prt Download Announcement
PandoraNetPuzzle (WiiNetPuzzle) 2011-02-14 chris_c Puzzle PrtA Archive Discussion
Pandora-OpenSonic 2010-08-13 zx-81 (port) Platformer Apps Archive DiscussionWebsite
Pandora-Ri-Li v2.0.1 2010-08-17 zx-81 (port) Arcade Apps Archive Discussion
Pandora-Simutrans 2010-08-29 zx-81 Simulation Archive Transportation simulation
Pandora-Tombstone 2010-07-17 zx-81 (port) Arcade x Prt Download Discussion
Pandora Yoga 2011-03-21 mhaws Puzzle x Ori Archive Discussion.
PandyWordSeek (beta) 2010-07-14 authoreyes Puzzle x Ori Download Discussion
Panjoust (demo) 2010-10-05 MarkoeZ Platformer x Ori Download Discussion: [7] [8]
Pasang Emas 2011-01-15 mcobit (port) Puzzle SS? Prt Archive Discussion Board game
Peg-solitaire 2011-04-04 mcobit (port) Puzzle Prt Repo Discussion: OP GP32X
Penguin Command 2010-10-01 Karl Bartel Arcade Prt Apps Missile Command clone
PenguinZombiesPandora (SDLZombies) 2010-07-29 MarkoeZ (port) Arcade Prt Apps
PenguPop 2.2.4 2010-07-24 Junoplay, sebt3 (port) Puzzle Prt Archive Discussion
Pingus 2011-03-05
joseluisjazz (1st port)
mash (2nd port)
Arcade Prt 1st port 2nd port Lemmings-like game Discussion
PipePanic 2011-01-27 mcobit (port) Puzzle Prt Archive Discussion.
Pocket Volleyball 2011-01-21 mcobit (port) Sport SS Prt Archive Discussion
Police4K 2010-07-10 rcarvall Shooter Prt Download Website
Powder 2010-08-09 joseluisjazz (port) RPG (Roguelike) Prt Apps Archive
PowerManga v1.0.1 2010-11-20 chris_c (port) Top-down shooter Prt Archive Discussion
Pushover 2010-10-31 Farox (port) Puzzle x Prt Archive Discussion Resolution too big for screen.
Pushover v0.2 2010-11-06 zx-81 (port) Puzzle x Prt Apps Discussion. No speed throttling.
PyDance (beta) 2010-08-31 darfgarf (port) Dance Download Discussion: [9] [10]
QNetWalk 2010-06-29 sebt3 (port) Puzzle Prt Download
Quake 1* (beta) 2011-02-13 Pickle (port) FPS Egn Download Discussion Get the original shareware files here. Runs on the Zquake engine
Quake 2* 2010-06-05 Pickle (port) FPS Egn Apps Archive
Quake 3* 2010-06-05 Pickle (port) FPS Egn Apps Archive
Racer 2010-10-30 sebt3 (port) Racing SS Prt Download Archive Discussion
Raedr 0.1r2 2011-04-02 MrZ Platformer x Ori Archive Repo Discussion
Rafkill 2011-01-26 Jon Rafkind, sebt3 (port) Top-down Shooter Prt Download Discussion
Ragnarok Online Pocket Server (eAthena Trunk r14678)** (beta) 2011-01-22 Coldbird (port) MMORPG Net Egn Download Discussion
Reign of Brains 2011-01-16 emil10001 Arcade PrtA Download Archive Discussion
Reminiscence v0.1.11 (Flashback)* 2011-01-15 zx-81 (port) Platformer Egn Download Discussion
Rescue 2011-03-30 Sswam Platformer Ori Download Website Discussion: 1 2
Reword 2010-07-17 PurplePup Puzzle Archive Discussion
Rezerwar 2011-01-23 mcobit (port) Puzzle Prt Archive Discussion. Configure keys in game options.
Rise of the Triad* 2010-07-10 Pickle (port) FPS Egn Archive Website Discussion
Road Fighter 2011-03-09 Dimacus (port) Racing Prt Download Archive Discussion: 1 2
Robo Hell 2011-04-04 richiz Platformer x Ori Repo Discussion
robotfindskitten 2011-03-05 Leonard Richardson, iampanis (port) ? Prt Download Discussion Wiki
Rocks 'n' Diamonds 2011-02-09 Holger Schemel, Blue Ion (port) Puzzle Prt Archive Website Like Boulder Dash, Emerald Mine, Supaplex, Sokoban
Sandora 0.1.1 (beta) 2011-03-11 WaveHack Falling Sand game PrtA Download Discussion
Scarecrow Tobias (beta) 2011-01-16 MUMBL35, Paramultart Platformer PrtA Download Discussion MUMBL35 wants to use the engine to create another game, but would like an artist & coder to help him finish
Scott Adams text adventures 2011-03-12 mhaws (port) Text Adventure x Egn Archive Discussion Zenity frontend, based on Frotz.
ScummVM 1.2.1 (2D graphical adventure games)* 2010-12-30 DJWillis (port) Adventure x Egn Archive Download Discussion Wiki freeware
SDL-Ball 2011-02-16 paeryn (port) Arcade Prt Download Archive Discussion
SdlZombies 2010-07-14 Philippe Brochard, MarkoeZ (port) Arcade Prt Archive
Shane's Chess Information Database (SCID) 2010-06-27 Shane Hudson, Pascal Georges Chess Prt Archive
Skull v4.1 2011-03-13 Geca (port) Platformer Prt Archive Discussion Spin-off of Skull Man.
Snowball 2010-07-09 willikappler Platformer Archive Website
Snowman 2011-04-05 Ziz Platformer x Ori Download Repo Discussion
SolarWolf v1.5 2011-01-12 Magic Sam (port) Arcade Prt Archive Discussion
Sonic Robo Blast 2** 2010-09-21 Pickle (port) Platformer N+C Egn Download Discussion Put data files in appdata/srb2
Sopwith (beta) 2011-01-24 Jon Rafkind, sebt3 (port) shmup Prt Download Discussion
Sound Fall 2010-06-21 Chris Thompson Sound Archive
Sparks v0.4.5 (beta) 2010-12-04 hal9000 Shooter Ori Download Discussion: OP GP32X GP32X (old) May need overclocking to ~800Mhz
Spout 2010-07-08 PokeParadox (port) Shooter Prt Download Archive Website Discussion
Sqrxz 2010-09-10 Pickle (port) Platformer Prt Archive Website Discussion
Sqrxz 2 2011-01-03 Pickle (port) Platformer Prt Archive Website Discussion
STPPC (sgt-puzzles) 2011-04-16 jeffrey Puzzle Prt Repo Discussion Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection. Now combined into one PND. Uses a launcher as well.
Sudoku (fltk) 2011-01-14 chris_c (package) Puzzle Prt Archive Discussion
Super Mario War 1.7 April Fools Edition 2010-08-18 Pickle (port) Fighting SSC Prt Archive Website
Super Methane Bros. 2010-08-26 Mark Rombust Arcade Archive Website Runs with Ginge
SuperTux 2011-01-27 Pickle (port), EvilDragon (port) Platformer Prt Archive Discussion
TecnoballZ 2011-01-16 sebt3 (port) Arcade Prt Download Discussion Ported from Amiga
Teeworlds 2010-07-19 bompo (port) Fighting Net? Download Discussion
TetriCrisis 3 100% CPU 2011-01-31 16Bitsoft, Pickle (port) Arcade Prt Archive Discussion Needs overclocking
Thruster 1.3 2010-07-15 Vilmos, PokeParadox (port) Arcade Prt Apps Archive Discussion
TicTacToe From Hell 2010-12-01 Simone Tobia
mcobit (port)
Puzzle N+S Prt Archive Discussion
Tile World (Chip's Challenge)* 2010-07-12 zx-81 (port) Puzzle Egn Download Apps Discussion
Tombstone 2010-07-17 zx-81 (port) Arcade Prt Archive
Tower Toppler 2011-01-07 mcobit (port) Arcade x Prt Archive Discussion Nebulous/Castelian clone
Triplane Classic 2010-08-02 Markku, Teemu, Henri Arcade Prt Apps Discussion
Tubularix v0.5.1.5 2010-12-03 Miguel Scudero
mcobit (port)
Puzzle Prt Archive Discussion
Tux Football 2011-01-22 mcobit (port) Sport Prt Archive Discussion. Configure keys in game options.
TuxRace (beta) 2010-10-24 sebt3 (port) Racing Prt Download Discussion
Unready 1.1 2011-04-05 QuantenMagier Arcade x Ori Download Discussion Terminal game.
Ur-Quan Masters (Star Control 2)** 2010-06-19 Pickle (port) Adventure Egn Apps Discussion See README for data files
Ur-Quan Masters (Star Control 2) (Pandora-Uqm) 2010-08-21 zx-81 (port) Adventure N+C Egn Apps Archive
VoR (Variations on Rockdodger) 2011-01-21 mcobit (port) Arcade Prt Archive Discussion
Wall Defender 2010-07-06 ElLun3s Arcade Download Website Requires Java.pnd
Wars: Commando 2011-03-27 B-ZaR Arcade x Ori Repo Archive For 2011 platforming game development contest.
Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles 2011-02-07 Yuan Works (Ginge wrap by Coldbird) Puzzle Prt Archive The GP2X Wiz version running under Ginge. Select scale ratio with launcher.
Wolf4SDL with Picklauncher* 2010-10-09 Pickle (port) FPS x Egn Archive Discussion Supports both Wolf3d and SOD data
Wolf4SDL (Spear of Destiny)* 2010-05-06 Pickle (port) FPS x Egn Apps Archive
Wolf4SDL (Wolfenstein 3D)* 2010-05-06 Pickle (port) FPS x Egn Apps Archive
Wormux 2010-07-17 Pickle (port) Strategy N+S Prt Archive Discussion
X-Pired 2011-04-08 mcobit (port) Puzzle Prt Repo Discussion: OP GP32X
xBill 2011-03-18 jilse (port) Arcade x Prt Download Discussion (German)
XEvil 2011-03-27 myownlittlworld Arcade Prt Archive Discussion
xLinCity 2010-07-28 Peters, Sharp, Keasley Strategy x Prt Archive Website
XRick 2010-07-22 MarkoeZ (port) Platformer x Prt Apps Archive Website Discussion
xskat 2011-03-20 Atomos (port) Card Prt Download Discussion (German). Wiki entry about card game.
xscorch (Scorched Earth) 2010-06-30 Justin/Jacob, Pickle (port) Strategy SS Prt Archive
Zaz 2011-02-21 sebt3 (port) Puzzle Prt Archive
Zelda 3T 2010-11-15 Vincent Jouillat, sebt3 (port) RPG x Prt Download Discussion Hardware scaling version (software scaling works slow in one section)
Zelda Classic 2.11B18 0.3alpha 2010-08-16 Hitnrun (port) RPG x Prt Archive
Zelda OLB 2010-11-10 Vincent Jouillat, sebt3 (port) RPG x Prt Download Discussion Software scaling version
Zelda ROTH 2010-11-10 Vincent Jouillat, sebt3 (port) RPG x Prt Download Discussion Software scaling version

1MP stands for "multiplayer"

About the MP column
x There is no multiplayer
SS Yes, by sharing a system
SSC Yes, by sharing a system with an external controller attached.
Net Yes, multiplayer over a network
N+S Both Net and SS
N+C Both Net and SSC
All Net, SS and SSC


About the Type column
Ori Original; initially developed or released for the Pandora.
Egn Engines for another game (or multiple games). You will need the original data files. *Requires data from original disc/PC version.

**Requires separate data download which is free of charge

Prt Port of a game from another platform (no separate data files needed, unlike engines)
PrtA Port done by the original author

Unreleased games

This section includes both games that are actively being worked on, as well as ones that are or may be abandoned. The latter are included for historical purposes.

Name Last update
(as far as we know)
Author/Port Author Genre MP1 Type2 Status Link/Notes
AE presents Revolt Neil AE FPS WIP
Aikisado 2011-03-05 Thann Board Ori Wip Discussion
Albion MH-T RPG Wip, intention to port Wikipedia GP2X VersionAlready a port to GP2X  Personally asked author if he plans to port this statically recompiled version
BlueFury - The Trivial Adventures of Jack 2010-07-23 DragonAX 2D Top-down shooter WIP [11]
Caster 2009-02-23 Svartalf RPG Working build (tested on PC) [12]
Chaotic Vortex 2010-06-17 Ruben Dual stick 2D shooter WIP [13]
EasyRPG 2010-06-04 EasyRPG authors / fdelapena RPG Maker 2000/2003 wip [14] [15]
Eternity 6: The Waterphoenix 2010-01-27 Darien Side Scroller / Beat 'em up WIP Discussion
Galactic Artifact 2009-02-27 Trevor Bradley Strategy Prt Working build [16]
Gravity Blocks 2009-04-27 Awakening Arcade Ori wip (early in developement) [17]
GuitarsOnFire 2010-01-25 Daid/JayFoxRox Rhythm game working build [18] no native controls supported, possibly too slow - needs testing
Homeworld Port 2009-08-11 LinuxHacker Simulation wip [19]
Human Condition (was TINCS) 2010-02-09 Butterman FPP Ori wip [20][21]
irrmaple 2010-05-15 Cloudef Maple Story clone [22]
Lerp 2009-09-28 benjymous Platformer (2D) / Physics / Puzzle working build [23] Discussion
Mental 2009-05-13 Colin Jones (xentalion) 2D Horror Survival Adventure Working build, tested on PC
Monster! 2008-10-18 Chris R Arcade wip [24]
MogsVsDogs 2010-02-03 JayFoxRox, Gadgetoid, Pandora Community 2.5D Puzzle/Action Game Ori Currently paused [25]
Ms Driller Wally Arcade WIP
NAEV 2010-01-31 bobbens Action/RPG/Sim wip [26] (waiting for pandora to finish and test)
Nail's Adventure 2009-04-07 jsmtux/Mr. Gonzo Ori wip [27]
NEON 2010-11-30 cameleon Puzzle Ori wip Discussion video
Onee-sama Tasukete! 2010-12-19 Eniko Beat'Em Up Ori wip [28]
Pandora Pong 2010-01-17 crysnamtodshire Arcade WIP [29]
Panjoust (Full Game) 2011-04-12 MarkoeZ Platform SSC Ori WIP (demo released) [30]
PanMMO (working title) 2010-07-08 Eniko MMORPG Ori wip [31]
Slitherlink 2010-02-26 Mia Puzzle Ori WIP [32]
Super Geometry Dust 2011-03-20 wermy Arcade Ori WIP (working build) Discussion
Super Lumenal 2010-06-09 Adventus Arcade wip [33] Discussion
SuperTux 2 2009-05-12 Pickle Platformer Prt working build [34]
Wandor 2011-02-22 foxblock Side Scroller Ori WIP [35] video
We Come In Peace 2009-06-26 Otaco Strategy Ori working build [36]
Wizzley Presto and the Vampires Tomb 2010-09-03 Craigix, Zodttd, Ruckage Arcade, 30 Day Game Competition PrtA Released on Iphone [37]
XSwing Plus 2009-06-09 Tobse Arcade wip [38]
ZEQ2Lite 2010-05-31 MDave Dragonball Z Third Person Fighter/Shooter Work in progress [39]
Zombd 2010-01-22 iprice/Mr Gonzo Shoot'Em Up Wip [40]

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