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|- style="background: #81BEF7"
|SCUMM engine games
|[[ScummVM]] 1.2.1
|[http://dl.openhandhelds.org/cgi-bin/pandora.cgi?0,0,0,0,20,295 Archive] [http://sourceforge.net/projects/scummvm/files/scummvm/1.2.1/scummvm-1.2.1-openpandora.zip/download Download]
|[http://www.gp32x.com/board/index.php?/topic/56874-scummvm-120-preview-1-for-the-openpandora/ Discussion]. [http://www.gp32x.com/board/index.php?/topic/53668-scummvm-unofficial-test-111-release-for-the-openpandora/ Discussion (old)]. [http://wiki.scummvm.org/index.php?title=OpenPandora Wiki]
|- style="background: #81BEF7"
|- style="background: #81BEF7"
|Sega Genesis, CD, 32X, Master System
|Sega Genesis, CD, 32X, Master System

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These lists were last updated on 2011-02-19 to include the latest files from Pandora Apps, the File Archive, and the community forums. For other software lists on the wiki, see Software projects and Games.

If different versions of an emulator were released, the listed "release date" is from the most recent one.

Please click on the little squares to sort by different categories.

To see how you can save space on ROMs, check out the Emulator Compression Support page.

Released emulators

Entry colors only denote compatibility and speed; interface and features are not taken into account.

Emulators with a blue background, for all intents and purposes, work perfectly. Virtually every game runs at full speed, and ones that don't come close. No overclocking required. No compatibility issues, with the possible exception of extremely obscure hardware addons. If preliminary support for another platform is added when the first meets this requirement beforehand, the emulator does not get demoted.
Emulators with a green background work very well. A lot of games run great at or close to 500Mhz, though some issues do exist. Little overclocking is required. Compatibility issues are minimum.
Emulators with a yellow background have issues. Some games are playable, and a few do run full speed, but overclocking is typically needed. Compatibility issues may be considerable. This could also represent emulators with great compatibility, but low speed (or vice versa).
Emulators with an orange background do not run well. Few games are playable. Overclocking is mandatory. There may be lots of compatibility issues as well.
Emulators with a red background are worthless. No games are playable at 500Mhz, and you have to overclock very high to see a difference. Full speed is out of the question. Compatibility is likely nonexistant. This is test release territory.
Emulators with a white background do not have enough information about them. Please try them out and add to this page!

If you have tried an emulator which has an uncoloured background, please add the appropriate background colour based on the legend to reflect the status of the emulator. You may add a statement in the notes if you feel that it's necessary.

Emulated System Project Name Release Date (YYYY-MM-DD) Download Ported By C1 Notes
Amiga 500 UAE4ALL 2010-09-10 Archive Pickle, john4p GD Discussion Tutorial. Has extra options over the original uae4all.
Amiga 1200 P-UAE 2010-06-06 Apps Archive Gnostic
Amstrad CPC Pandora-CAP32 2010-06-27 Download Archive zx-81 Discussion
Arcade MAME v0.106 2010-05-29 Apps SteveM Runs more games than MAME4ALL, but at a slower speed. You should get both.
Arcade MAME4All v2.5b7 (Beta) 2010-09-07 Archive SteveM, Franxis (GP2X) Discussion
Arcade SDLMAME v1.1.0 (beta) 2010-06-30 Download ? May be slow.
Atari 520 PAtari v0.1 2009-04-03 Download cpasjuste
Atari 8-Bit Pandora-Atari 2010-08-04 Apps Archive zx-81 Discussion Emulates the 800, 800XL, 130XE, and 5200 platforms.
Atari Lynx Handy 2010-06-18 Apps Archive SteveM Discussion
Atari ST Hatari 1.4.0b 2011-01-19 Archive
Skeezix Discussion
Atari VCS 2600 Stella 2010-05-07 Apps Archive Skeezix
Atari VCS 2600 Pandora-2600 (Stella) 2010-07-11 Download Apps zx-81 Discussion
Atari VCS 2600 Stella 3.2.2 (beta) 2010-10-14 Download Lomaxx Discussion. Better sound, but PAL games don't run.
Atari VCS 7800 Pandora-7800 v1.1.0 2010-07-11 Archive zx-81 Discussion
Colecovision Colem 2010-05-29 Apps Archive Skeezix
Colecovision Pandora Colem 2010-06-30 Apps Archive zx-81
Commodore 64 Vice 2010-03-25 Apps Archive Pickle
Commodore (Other) Vice 2010-03-25 Apps Archive Pickle Emulates the CBM2, C128, PET, Plus4, and VIC platforms.
GPH GP2X/Wiz Ginge 2010-08-16 Apps Notaz Not really an emulator. DO NOT run from root. To get rid of the default blur filter, use this solution.
HP-48 Pandora-X48 2010-06-17 Archive zx-81 Emulates a calculator. Discussion
Macintosh 68K Basilisk II 2010-12-15 Download dgame Discussion
Mattel Intellivision Jzintv 2010-09-02 Apps WizardStan Discussion
MSX Pandora-MSX 2010-06-26 Apps zx-81 Discussion
Nintendo 64 Mupen64Plus 2011-02-09 Download Ari64, Adventus, JayFoxRox, sebt3, et al. GD Discussion Compatibility list is outdated.
Nintendo GBA/GBC/GB VisualBoyAdvance 2010-12-08 Archive EvilDragon, SteveM Discussion. Runs GBC/GB well; GBA is slow
Nintendo GBA/GBC/GB VisualBoyAdvance 2010-06-04 Apps SteveM Outdated. Runs GBC/GB well; GBA is slow. Discussion
Nintendo GBA gpSP 2010-10-13 Archive Exophase, notaz Website. Runs through Ginge, only zipped ROMs. No fullscreen scaling.
Nintendo GB/GBC GnuBoy 1.0.5Svn 2010-11-10 Archive Pickle, EvilDragon Discussion 2
Nintendo GB/GBC GnGB (beta) 2010-10-04 Download dgame (port) Discussion
Nintendo NES GPFCE-GP2X 2010-10-13 Archive notaz The GP2X version of GPFCE, packaged into a PND with Ginge. Use this, it's flawless.
Nintendo NES GPFCE 2010-05-29 Archive Notaz, Pickle W Sound works if you set the rate to 44000Hz in the options. Forces a 2xsai like filter. Runs most things full speed.
Nintendo NES nesemu 2010-05-29 Archive Pickle W Website Seems to only run at 40fps.
Nintendo SNES SNES9X4P 1.39ff - v20110214 2011-02-14 Archive Ivanovic, Skeezix, SiENcE (Dingoo) Dingoo Snes9x port. Discussion
Nintendo SNES SNES9X v0.2 2009-04-03 Download cpasjuste (port)
Nintendo SNES PocketSNES (beta) 0.1 2010-08-08 Download Hitnrun (port) Discussion
Oric-1/Atmos PandOricutron 2010-06-16 Apps torpor Discussion
PC Engine Pandora HuGo 2010-06-28 Apps Archive zx-81 Discussion
PC Engine Hu-Go! 2010-05-30 Archive SteveM Outdated. Use other PC-Engine emulator
PDP-11 SIMH PDP-11 2010-05-28 Apps Archive SteveM
Philips Odyssey 2 O2EM 1.18-1 2010-08-21 Archive Hitnrun, Daniel Boris
Sega Genesis, CD, 32X, Master System PicoDrive 1.80 2010-09-19 Archive Notaz Discussion (old). Master System support is preliminary. Not all 32X games run.
Sega Master System & Game Gear Dega v1.16-4 2010-08-15 Apps Archive SteveM Discussion. There's no menu. Press R+number to save, L+number to load, Pandora key to quit
Sega Master System PSMS v0.1 2009-04-03 Download cpasjuste
SNK Neo Geo GnGeo 0.8 Beta 2 2010-07-09 Download Pepone, Manolis Discussion
SNK Neo Geo GnGeo 2009-04-11 Download Cpasjuste Requires frontend.
SNK Neo Geo NeoGeo SDL 2009-04-03 Download Cpasjuste
SNK Neo Geo Pocket Race 2010-06-20 Apps Hooka Discussion
Sony Playstation PSX4Pandora 2010-11-16 Download ZodTTD GD Discussion
Sony Playstation PCSX-ReARMed r6 2011-02-10 Download notaz GD Discussion. Now has BIOS support. BIOS should be copied to [sd card]/pandora/appdata/pcsx_rearmed/bios/ ..and then selected in options->bios/plugins menu.
Text adventure games Gargoyle 08-2009 2010-08-23 Apps gargoyle, skeezix Supports Adrift, Alan, APT, Glulx, Hugo, Level 9, Magnetic Scroll, TADS and Z-Code format games
TI-99 Pandora-TI99 (TI99Sim) 2010-07-21 Archive zx-81
TI-92 XTiger 2010-06-30 Apps zx-81 Emulates a calculator.
x86 DOS DOSBox v0.74svn 2010-11-09 Archive Pickle W Discussion General compatibility list
x86 Sierra games FreeSCI 0.6.4 2010-08-19 Archive] Hitnrun
x86 Windows 3.1 r2, r1 WinBox (beta) 2010-12-15 Download urjaman Discussion Modified DOSBox to run Windows 3.1 at Pandora's native resolution
ZX Spectrum Fuse 2010-06-24 Apps SteveM
ZX Spectrum Zx Pandy 2011-02-04 Archive Dave18 Discussion
Z-Machine Frotz v2.43 2010-05-27 Download Archive SteveM Discussion Interpreter for Infocom and other Z-machine games

1 "C" is short for compatibility list. FT = Forum Topic GD = Google Docs W = Wiki page

Unreleased emulators

Project Name Emulated System Link Status Author/Port Author Notes
NullDC Sega Dreamcast [1] Wip Zezu / drkIIraziel drkIIraziel says he will release this when he gets his Pandora
PandaSNES Nintendo SNES [2] wip Squidge
Pandora-PSP Sony Playstation Portable [3] wip JayFoxRox
Temper NEC PC Engine [4] wip Exophase Fullspeed emulator

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