EXT Connector

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TV cable connector

What does it have?

  • UART2
  • UART3
  • TV out
  • Stereo line out
  • Stereo line in
  • The UART lines can also be used as GPIO (six of them) and PWM lines (four of them).

Where can we get the connectors from?

  • The connector appears to be a Tyco Electronics connector, part number 1717169-2
  • The manufacturer does *not* stock these for engineering samples, and very few vendors carry them
  • Community member WizardStan has ordered a bunch and is selling them at $2 a piece plus shipping from Canada, see here (thread) or here (article)

How Do I Make a TV-Out Cable?

  • There are some useful tips in the EXT Connectors thread.
  • A guide explaining one way of creating the video cables can be found here
  • MarkoeZ Has written a blog post about it here