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DraStic is a Nintendo DS Emulator created by Exophase for ARM devices such as the OpenPandora.

* Current version: Download  
* Readme and Changelog  
* Forum Thread  

For previous versions refer to the Drastic Repo Archive

The versions identify themselfs as "Version r_._._._p" on the menu screen.

* Outdated Previous 1.x Version Compatibility List


'By default, games are uncompressed to RAM. 128MB+ compressed games have issues with this CC Pandoras because of limited RAM. 256MB compressed games may work on 512MB systems such as the Rebirth or 1GHz Pandora. 512MB compressed games won't decompress on any system. Compressed games of any size are not dependent on RAM, so should work the same on all systems. You can enable an option to compress to file instead of RAM to get around this problem, but it will make games take longer to start.'

Adding to the list

Note: you can use the Drastic Wiki Helper application from the repo to automatically generate appropriate text to paste in the compatibility list below.

Choose a playability color that reflects a game's best playability state. Also include the clockspeed at which you ran it, for whichever Pandora version you tested. Please also indicate in the name of the Game whether the version is US/EU/JP, since compatibility may differ depending on regions. Include the unzipped ROM size in base-2 mebibytes (16MB, 64MB, 128MB, etc.). If available please indicate the game ID figure, too. The Game ID figure should be 8 characters long and can usually be found by pressing Y on the rom selection menu.

Don't post a redundant entry unless you are using a different Pandora model and the playability differs from an existing entry. If a game's playability gets worse (new bugs, new crashes) in a new DraStic version, update the entry and add that to notes. Please don't copy entries from the old list into this one unless you first re-test the game using a recent version of DraStic and update the color and notes as required.

Default frameskip is automatic and 4. Please record a comment if you use a different setting.

Playability Description
Fullspeed Games with a green background run at fullspeed and are fully playable from start to finish. If frameskip is required, add to notes.
Playable Games with a yellow background run slower than fullspeed, but are otherwise fully playable. Add problems/slowdowns to notes.
Incomplete Games with an orange background have playability issues and cannot be played from start to finish. This may include missing functionality (wifi) or game crashes. Add problems to notes.
Unplayable Games with a red background are unplayable. They either don't run at all, or don't get past the intro. Add any other oddities to notes.
N/A Games with a white background have not been fully tested. If you see one on this list, try it out and report back!

If you are inclined, post your forum username at the end of your notes so you can be contacted by Exophase about further debugging your problems.

The Compatibility List

You can sort the colums by clicking the table header (javascript required).

Game ID Game Name DraStic Version ROM Size Pandora Model[1] Frequency Notes Status
454d5341 Super Mario 64 DS r2.1.0p 16MiB 1GHz 900MHz Minimal graphical tears; almost none; other than that seems to plays perfectly. :(knightron) Green
454c4759 Geometry Wars - Galaxies r2.1.3p 64MiB 1Ghz 1000Mhz Works very well. (ekianjo) Green
55595241 Rayman DS r2.1.0p 32MiB 1GHz 900MHz Very choppy sound often, and frameskip choppyness too. :(knightron) Yellow
50445441 42 All Time Classics/Clubhouse Games (E) r2.1.0p 16MiB 1GHz 900MHz Plays fine with frameskip 2 Green
45575941 Yoshis Island DS r2.1.0p 32MiB 1GHz 900MHz Seems to play perfectly. :(Knightron) Green
45474443 Disgaea DS (U) r2.1.3p 64MiB 1Ghz 1000Mhz runs very well overall. No issue detected. (ekianjo) Green

50425341 Snowboard Kids r2.1.0p 64MiB 1GHz 900MHz Runs at full speed but has constant choppy sound during races. :(Knightron) Yellow
45455341 Children of Mana r2.1.0p 64MiB 1GHz 900MHz Seems to play perfectly. :(Knightron) Green
45555159 Chrono Trigger r2.1.0p 128MiB 1GHz 900MHz Seems to run perfect. I did not play long enough to test cut scenes. :(Knightron) Green
45445741 Diddy Kong Racing DS r2.1.0p 32MiB 1GHz 900MHz A couple of graphical bugs in a few places, but seems close to perfect. :(Knightron) Green
4a554a41 Jump Ultimate Stars (English patched) r2.1.0p 62.9MiB 1GHz 900MHz Seems to play perfectly. :(Knightron) Green
45475049 Pokemon SoulSilver r2.1.0p 128MiB 1GHz 900MHz Slight graphical tearing. Lags a little when entering buildings ect. Other than that, it seems very playable. :(Knightron) Yellow
45484d41 Metroid Prime Hunters r2.1.0p 64MiB 1GHz 900MHz Seems close to perfect. Full speed most of the time, but when lots of enemies are fireing at you, it slows down a little. May encounter bigger issues further into the game. :(Knightron) Green
45524341 Sprung The Dating Game r2.1.0p 32MiB 1GHz 900MHz Seems to play perfectly. :(Knightron) Green
454a4c43 Mario and Luigi Bowsers Inside Story r2.1.0p 128MiB 1GHz 900MHz Plays pretty close to perfect, but freezes during the first fight, while playing as Bowser. :(knightron) Orange
45355659 Dragon Quest V Hand of the Heavenly Bride r2.1.0p 128MiB 1GHz 900MHz Seems to play close to perfectly, very slight choppy inconsistancy between two screens, but not as bad as DQIV. :(Knightron) Green
45425742 Plants vs Zombies r2.1.0p 64MiB 1GHz 900MHz Seems to play perfectly. :(Knightron) Green
454b5441 Kirby Canvas Curse r2.1.0p 64MiB 1GHz 900MHz Seems to play perfectly. :(Knightron) Green
4a534259 Soma Bringer (English patched) r2.1.0p 122MiB 1GHz 900MHz Seems to play perfectly. :(Knightron) Green
45564959 Dragon Quest IV Chapters of the Chosen r2.1.0p 128MiB 1GHz 900MHz It can apear a little choppy when playing with vertical screens, but still plays very well: I switch it to one screen mode. :(Knightron) Green
45464641 Final Fantasy III r2.1.0p 128MiB 1GHz 900MHz Plays pretty damn close to perfect. :(Knightron) Green
45344659 Final Fantasy IV r2.1.0p 128MiB 1GHz 900MHz Plays at full speed, but has choppy sound quite often. :(Knightron) Yellow
4a545941 Tales Of Innocence (English Patched) r2.1.0p 128MiB 1GHz 900MHz Plays at full speed, but there are major graphical issues that make the game very hard to follow. :(Knightron) Orange
454b5341 Lost in Blue r2.1.0p 64MiB 1GHz 900MHz Plays almost perfectly, just a few very minor graphical and sound bugs in a few spots. Microphone fails sometimes but works again once Drastic is restarted. Game crashes occasionally when atempting to light the fire or build something. At the moment, I recommend regular saving through savestates just in case. :(Knightron) Green
45514459 Dragon Quest IX Sentinels of the Starry Skies r2.1.0p 22.3MiB 1GHz 900MHz Game crashes on boot. :(Knightron) Red
454d5241 Mario and Luigi Partners in Time r2.1.0p 64MiB 1GHz 900MHz Seems to play perfectly. :(Knightron) Green
45495941 Yoshi Touch & Go r2.1.0p 16MiB 1GHz 900MHz This Game Apears to play perfectly, but it has major problems when the Pandora is put to sleep. :(Knightron) Green
454b5342 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors r2.0.1p 128MiB Rebirth 850 Plays at full speed. Green
45574b59 Kirby - Super Star Ultra r2.0.1p 128MiB CC 800 Plays at full speed. Green
45365359 Civilization Revolution DS r2.0.1p 64MiB Rebirth 825MHz Fully playable. (Long firststart ~62sec.) Green
45365359 Barnyard Blast: Swine of the Night r2.0.1p 8MiB 1GHz 1.1GHz Works Completely fine. No Lag or Graphical Issues even on cut scenes Green
45454650 Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon (E) r2.1.3p 64MiB 1GHz 900MHz Runs fine since r2.1.3p Green
4a564942 Ivy the Kiwi (J) r2.1.3p 8MiB 1GHz 900MHz Runs fine since r2.1.0p. Doesn't even need frameskip at 900Mhz. Green
50505841 Picross DS (E) r2.1.3p 32MiB 1GHz 600MHz Very minor graphical glitch where at end of level the top screen image transitions from monochrome to (animated) colour - one pixel line of monochrome image is left above the animated image. Green
50503643 Picross 3D (E) r2.1.3p 32MiB 1GHz 600MHz Absolutely perfect since version r2.1.0p Green
50344759 Suikoden Tierkreis r2.0.1p 256MiB Rebirth 900MHz Sound sometimes a bit laggy during battle. (tested for 40min only) Yellow
45375341 Summon Night, Twin Age r2.0.1p 128MiB Rebirth 900MHz nice. (tested for 10h) Green
404c5741 The World Ends With You (E) r2.0.1p 128MiB Rebirth 900MHz Ran fine as far as the end of the first day. (not further tested.) Yellow
45434d41 MarioKart DS (US) r2.1.3p 32MiB 1GHz 1050MHz Runs fine with frameskip Green
45444e41 Brain Age - Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! (v01) r2.1.0p 16MiB 1Ghz 800 Mhz Works great. (PowerGod) Green
50444e41 Dr Kawashima's Brain Training - How Old Is Your Brain r2.1.0p 16MiB 1Ghz 800 Mhz Works great. (PowerGod) Green
455a4443 Dragon Ball - Origins r2.1.6.1p 64MiB 1Ghz 800 Mhz Playable with some lag. (PowerGod) Yellow
45503743 Peggle Dual Shot r2.1.3p 64MiB 1Ghz 750MHz Perfect play, fluid motion, just like the real thing. :(kumaki+levi) Green
45533241 Dragon Ball Z - Supersonic Warriors 2 r2.0.1p 64MiB 1Ghz 800 Mhz Playable with some lag. (PowerGod) Yellow
45414441 Pokemon Diamond Version (v13) r2.0.1p 64MiB 1Ghz 800 Mhz No text in the introduction tutorial. Only played it a bit. (PowerGod)

(Edit by knightron: text is now played in DraStic 2.1.0p)

45433643 Infinite Space r2.1.3p 256MiB 1Ghz 1050Mhz Plays well. Graphical glitches in the attract mode. Played only as far as the first spaceport. (levi) Green
50385243 Crash - Mind Over Mutant (U) r2.1.3p 64MiB CC 800Mhz works perfect at default (dsleaf67) Green
50595943 Giana Sisters DS (U) r2.1.3p 8MiB CC 800Mhz works perfect (dsleaf67) Green
50595943 Giana Sisters DS (E) r2.1.6.1p 8MiB 1Ghz 800Mhz Playable, but there are issues with the microphone in later levels and it should be disabled (to use the jump button instead) in order to use the bubble. UPDATE: actually seems something related more to the DraStic session than to the game itself, because when the issue happened I made a savestate, and even reloading it had the same issue, but after restarting DraStic that savestate is working right (PowerGod) Yellow
45563241 M&M's - Break'em (U) r2.1.3p 8MiB CC 800Mhz works great only has minor sound issue at start (dsleaf67) Green
45575041 Pac-Man World 3 (U) r2.1.3p 32MiB CC 800Mhz works good some slowdowns but very playable (dsleaf67) Green
454a5141 Crash of the Titans (U) r2.1.3p 128MiB CC 800Mhz playable with choppy sound and some slow downs (dsleaf67) Yellow
50394643 FIFA 09 (U) r2.1.3p 32MiB CC 800Mhz playable with sound issues (dsleaf67) Yellow
45413541 Golden Compass, The (U) r2.1.3p 64MiB CC 800Mhz works good minor sound issues (dsleaf67) Green
45424a59 LEGO Batman - The Videogame (U) r2.1.3p 64MiB CC 800Mhz works great (dsleaf67) Green
50494b42 Legend of Zelda - Spirit Tracks, The (E) r2.1.6.1p 128MiB 1Ghz 1100Mhz when you're supposed to use the microphone to blow in the flute it doesn't work. (frostfall) Orange
45494b42 Legend of Zelda - Spirit Tracks, The r2.3.0.0p 128MiB Rebirth 900Mhz microphone works on SuperZaxxon R1.55, Kernel 3.2.45, codecpack, blow with 2-4" distance Yellow
45343243 Phantasy Star 0 r2.1.6.1p 128MiB Rebirth 600Mhz Nice gameplay, but the sound with some problem, 80~90% in battle. The game crash if you are using saves state and try to feed the MAG, if you use normal save and reset the game work fine. (MarTinazzI) Yellow
454d3341 Dynasty Warriors DS - Fighter's Battle (E) r2.1.6.1p 128MiB Rebirth 600Mhz (MarTinazzI) Green
454d4241 Bomberman (E) r2.1.6.1p 8MiB Rebirth 600Mhz (MarTinazzI) Green
504e4241 Bomberman Story DS (U) r2.1.6.1p 128MiB Rebirth 600Mhz (MarTinazzI) Green
45584241 Bomberman Land Touch! r2.1.6.1p 32MiB Rebirth 600Mhz (MarTinazzI) Green
45324259 Bomberman Land Touch! 2 r2.1.6.1p 32MiB Rebirth 600Mhz (MarTinazzI) Green
45435741 Drone Tactics (U) r2.1.6.1p 64MiB Rebirth 600Mhz Only in battle scene run about 70~90% (MarTinazzI) Yellow
454a5841 Dungeon Explorer - Warriors of Ancient Arts (U) r2.1.6.1p 64MiB Rebirth 600Mhz (MarTinazzI) Green
45474b59 Kingdom Hearts - 358-2 Days r2.1.6.1p 256MiB Rebirth 600Mhz Run 75~90% and bad sound, but playable (MarTinazzI) Yellow
45574b59 Kirby - Super Star Ultra (U) r2.1.6.1p 128MiB Rebirth 600Mhz (MarTinazzI) Green
454e4c41 Lunar - Dragon Song (U) r2.1.6.1p 32MiB Rebirth 600Mhz Some lag on action select in battle, 70~90% but in far of the game seem all 100%, need test early game again. (MarTinazzI) Yellow
45555043 Pokemon - Platinum Version (v10) (U) r2.1.6.1p 128MiB Rebirth 600Mhz bug on introduction. blinking screen and game stop (MarTinazzI) Red
45555043 Pokemon - Platinum Version (DE) r2.2.0.0p 128MiB CC 900Mhz some slowdowns, especially with Pokéfetch. However seem to run quite smooth at 900 Mhz. Green
4f415249 Pokemon - White Version (DSi Enhanced)(USA) (U) r2.1.6.1p 256MiB Rebirth 600Mhz just close the game on introduction (MarTinazzI) Red
4f455249 Pokemon Black Version 2 (DSi Enhanced) r2.3.0p 16MiB Rebirth 800MHz Minimal graphical issues, and sometimes a bit laggy, but very playable (Alpibrine28) Green
454c4859 Time Hollow (U) r2.3.0.0p 128MiB 1Ghz 975Mhz Game crashes at the beginning of Chapter 2, also ingame saves doesn't work at all (PowerGod) Red


1. Pandora model:

  • CC - OMAP3530 SoC@600Mhz stock, 256MiB RAM@166MHz
  • Rebirth - OMAP3530 SoC@600MHz stock, 512MiB RAM@166MHz
  • 1GHz - DM3730 SoC@1GHz stock, 512MiB RAM@200Mhz