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== ARM Cortex A8 Tutorials ==
#REDIRECT [[Development]]
* [[Floating Point Optimization]]
* [[Assembly Code Optimization]]
== SDL Tutorials ==
These tutorials assume you know the basics of C++ programming, and know your way around a C++ compiler.
* [http://www.lazyfoo.net/SDL_tutorials/index.php Lazy Foo's Tutorials].  Not Pandora specific, but a good guide to getting your programming environment set up, along with many SDL tutorials.
* [http://iki.fi/sol/gp/ Sol's Graphics for beginners].  Not Pandora specific, but a good place to get started with SDL graphics coding.
* [http://jnrdev.72dpiarmy.com/ 2D Jump'n'Run Tutorial]
==OpenGL on the Pandora==
*[[OpenGL ES 1.1 Tutorial]]
*[[OpenGL ES 2.0 Tutorial]]
*[[Combining OpenGL ES 1.1 and SDL to create a window on the Pandora]]
== The Kernel ==
* [[Kernel build instructions|Compiling the Kernel from Git]]
* [[Kernel interface|Kernel Interface]]
== Matchbox Window Manager ==
* [[Matchbox|Matchbox version]]
* [[xoo on ubuntu|Setting up xoo on Ubuntu 8.04/8.10]] (Theme Testing and Development)
== See Also ==
* [[Development Tools]]

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