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==Software archives==
==Software archives==
* [http://apps.openpandora.org/ Pandora Apps]
* [http://apps.openpandora.org/ Pandora Applications]
* [http://dl.openhandhelds.org/cgi-bin/pandora.cgi Pandora File Archive]
* [http://dl.openhandhelds.org/cgi-bin/pandora.cgi Pandora File Archive]
* [http://repo.openpandora.org Pandora Repo]
* [http://repo.openpandora.org Pandora File Repository]

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Please check out the Pandora Bookmark website as well; it may be more up-to-date.
For more general related links see also Other resources. For team-related forum profiles, go here.

Official Links

Software archives


Forum Threads of Vital Importance

  • Questions and Answers - It's exactly what it sounds like.
  • The Official Development Update List - When one of the Pandora team members posts an update about the hardware, software, or manufacturing process, it is added to this list (note: last updated in Feb. 2009. Useful for historical reasons)
  • Emulator Plausibility List - A semi-speculative list of which systems the Pandora is likely to emulate, along with status of active emulation projects.
  • Closed Source Projects - A list of closed source / commercial projects that have shown interest / disinterest in the Pandora platform.
  • Port Requests - A catch-all thread for all of the "Wouldn't it be cool if Pandora ran XXXX?" posts.


  • Pandoralive.info - Blog in English about the latest news in software and hardware related to the Pandora (started in Feb 2013).
  • OpenHandhelds - German Fan-Newsportal for Pandora/Wiz/GP2X
  • Ithic.com - US Based Open Pandora Shop, North American Distribution Hub, Warranty/Repair Center.


  • GP32x
  • Pandora Toolz - German board in typical Toolz-style like NDS-Toolz.de. More for gamers then for coders.
  • OpenPandora Poland - Polish resource center and file repository for the OpenPandora and other openhandhelds.
  • Orkut Community - Mostly Brazilian Portuguese, although topics in English are welcome.

Development Sites


Press Coverage

Various useful sites

  • Pnd.to - a URL shortening service for the Pandora community [1]