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  • Black plastic or black plastic coated with gray paint.
  • Molded plastic by company in China that is now closed. The injection moulds are lost.


  • Manufactured in Germany on a brand new 5-Axis CNC machining centre.
  • Preorder by external company IDV engineering working with Dragonbox. A minimum of 100 orders is needed, the initial run is not limited to 100.
  • It is said that this is the cost of the project, and that its offered as a service rather than for profit.
  • AW-7075 (aluminium with Mouse gray or Jet Black anodizing.) (This is a coating atop the raw aluminium that hardens it and prevents corrosion.
  • All latches and notches on the original case design will be replaced by screws.[1][2]
  • Torx, hex or phillips screws is not known.
  • Costs 99 EUR (incl. VAT) A 35 euro service is offered by dragonbox to change cases.
  • As a full aluminium case is also a faraday cage that sheilds wireless signals, plastic doors will be made to allow for connectivity. [3]
  • It is possible that an alu case will be offered as an option when ordering a pandora in the future, for the few that are left, if any.[4]

3d files

Case design files

  • Can be used to modify the design, and is 3D-printable. Feel free to share modifications with the community.

* License for the Pandora Case Files:

  • I, Dave Cancilier,
  • still retain all rights and ownership an have rights to do anything with
  • Pandora design/files as I wish, such as uploading to a website, selling the
  • files, using them for derivative works etc.
  • It is open for non commercial use, any company/persons using for monetary
  • purposes or for resale must contact me first and possibly pay small
  • royalties, or a one time fee on sales and/or use.
  • By accepting and redistributing these files/design you are agreeing to these
  • terms. If you do not agree, the files must be deleted/destroyed.
  • Regards,
  • Dave

(End of License)