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Since the Pandora was released, its Zaxxon firmware has been updated with a number of Hotfixes. The latest stable one is Hotfix 6, released in October 2011.

Hotfix 6

Bugs and solutions

In general, the latest information about bugs will be on the official bugtracker; that is also the best place to go report a bug.

PNDs won't run

So you can start Xfce, but you can no longer run any programs or switch to Minimenu since you upgraded to HF6? This can easily be solved without a reflash. To quote valhalla, this problem is because of version 1.0-r58.5 of the pandora-scripts package that includes some files that it should not have included and conflicts with the new version of pandora-libpnd. That version is installed at least in HF5rc2.

  1. Open a terminal in the location where you put your HF6 update PND. In the default file browser, you can do this by right-clicking in the folder where the PND is, and selecting "open terminal here". For example, if you put it on your desktop (/pandora/desktop), the text in the terminal to the left of your cursor should look something like username-openpandora:/media/pandora/mmcblk0p1/pandora/desktop$
  2. type in sudo mkdir /mnt/pnd and press "enter". If it asks you for your password, type in what you use to log in to your Pandora, then press "enter".
  3. type in sudo mount -o loop HF6-Updater.pnd /mnt/pnd and press "enter"
  4. Now we'll go to the packages directory in the PND and reinstall a couple of packages. Type in cd /mnt/pnd/packages/other/ and press "enter"
  5. Type in sudo opkg install pandora-libpnd_1.0-r56.5_armv7a.ipk and press "enter"
  6. Type in sudo opkg install pandora-skel_1.0-r9.5_omap3-pandora.ipk and press "enter"
  7. To unmount the PND, type in sudo umount /mnt/pnd and press "enter". If it says it can't unmount it, just restart your Pandora.
  8. That's it, your pandora should work again!

Beta versions

Hotfix 5

  • Information and discussion: OP GP32X (2011-03-04)

Beta versions

Hotfix 4

  • Information and discussion: OP GP32X (2010-08-31)

Beta versions

Hotfix 3

Beta versions

Hotfix 2

Beta versions

Hotfix 1

Original firmware

  • You can download the very first release of the Pandora's Zaxxon firmware from here (2010-05-01)